I personally believe racism is an awful thing. It is horrible that it has taken place in this country in the past and some traces of it still exist but on a smaller scale. After reading the book “Snow” in our class, my eyes have been opened to many of the problems American does face as a country. As a proud American, I want to believe that America does not have many of the problems with other countries face, but it does. Poverty, religious problems, racism along with many other issues do in fact exist. It is a sad thing for America to still have many of these issues, but it is reality. It is important for us proud citizens to be aware of these issues and do all that we can to improve our country. 

Unintended Racism?

Read this article then compare your opinion to mine!

This was a very interesting article to read. I, myself play tennis and know a lot about both Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. For a little while now it has been seen to be funny for tennis players to do imitations of each other. But it was said in this article that this imitation was seen as racist. 

I personally do not believe it is racist. Caroline was merely making a joke just as everyone doing imitations does. Just because she exaggerated Serenas curves on her body does not make it racist. I do not understand why, just because she is african american, this is seen as racist. If it were another white tennis player this would have been looked past and not even spoken about. In my opinion this is an over reaction to a silly joke. Many tennis players do the same thing but because this was an imitation of an african american person, peoples heads are turning. It is not fair for this to take place and shows how oversensitive some people are with an issue such as this one. 


A tragedy took place today. The killing of 27 people, 20 of which were children. It is incomprehensible to me how a person could do such a thing. It is devastating beyond words can describe and is a true tragedy. My heart goes out to all of the families and people who have been effected but this. I am extremely sad to have to be writing about this today. The fact a person could ever commit murder is incomprehensible but the fact that it was young innocent children and people. The person is sick and is not a normal functioning human. He killed his mother and father along with his mothers kindergarden class and faculty members at the school where his mother teaches, then killed himself. How could a person do such a thing? I am frustrated at this thought of having to write about something this disgusting. The person who did this should have to suffer for the rest of his life, living with knowing how horrible of a human he is for what he did, but he killed himself after committing all of these murders. I, along with the entire country, am in awe, disgust, and deeply saddened. 

This blog post goes off my topic of racism, but I felt that it deserved recognition on my blog. There is no excuse for and act such as this and it truly sickens me. 

Once again my heart goes out to all effected by this tragedy.



Although The Race Is Over…

Last year before the presidential race took place, Actor Morgan Freeman, went against the views of the Tea Party. 

It was quoted that the tea party started that they would do anything to have Obama not be reelected. They said that hey would do anything to not have another black man serve a term as president. Read this article and post opinions on if you think this is true!

Racism in Football (Soccer)

Is racism existant in soccer? 

The president of FIFA Sepp Blatter, said on twitter that “Racism and discrimination of any kind have no place in football. I have said this many times before, and I will say it again and again,” tweeted the 75-year-old. Racism could be seen to take place in sports. Many sports have a majority of players being the same race. Is it possible that racism does occur within the trading of sports? In my opinion, I do not think that it does. Owners and organizations sign players based on their abilities, not on their races. That would not make too much sense if players were signed based on their races. 

Professional sports are highly competitive and demanding. Owners of teams and organizations want to win, and signing the best players possible will increase their chances of winning. They will to risk wins just to sign players based on their races. It was once said that people who are African American were better running because of the way their leg muscles are made up. I do not think that study is racist though because it was proven and there are no problems with that. 

New Ways of Racism

This was a very interesting article to read. It discussed how the racism of slavery along with the Jim Crow Laws is still existent in the United States. This is an interesting idea. Although it is obviously said that the Jim Crow Laws have been abolished long ago, many could say that they are still existing. This is clearly an awful thing. Slavery and racism go hand and hand with one another. Neither of them should have ever taken place to begin with. Why is it that today racism is engraved in the foundation of America’s criminal justice system? Racism is often used as a defense against problems in society. This should not be the case. Racism should not be the answer to solving any problems. 

What are your views on racism in society? 

How do you view racism today? Do you think it occurs often?

Read this article and post your comments!


Bullying vs. Racism

Bullying and Racism are two serious issues within the world. These issues are not only faces by adults, but also by young children. 

One little boy was interviewed at a school in Connecticut and said “I do see people manipulating each other and talking about each other and making people feel like they’re not good enough,” says Taijah Irvin, a 13-year-old from Hamden, who is taking action by participating in an innovative anti-bullying project, intended to build confidence and camaraderie.

Bullying is a very serious issue, and race is often a related to it. Children are competitive with each other and will often say anything to seem superior in some cases. Race is often a defining factor within this. 

Racism along with bullying are issues that are often interrelated and need to be stopped. Neither of them are okay nor will they ever be. Can you imagine your child, young or old, coming home and saying that people made racist remarks to them? How would you feel? Racism is a form of bullying in my opinion. Who ever is the one doing this is clearly insecure and is not aware of what is right and wrong. 

Young children do not understand the differences in race, in my opinion, they get their views from what there parents say. They listen and pick up their elders beliefs. It is important for parents to be aware of what they say around their children so they have the opportunity to develop their own views.

This article discusses what children go through involving bullying and race. It is an interesting topic and article. Read away!,0,3712518.story